Marissa was laid to rest at the Mustang Cemetery located at 415 S. Mustang Road. You can use the map below if you wish to visit her.

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Truly the most incredible human I’ve ever met. My go to person, little nugget, sunshine and best friend. You changed my entire world and you did for so many others. I could write a novel about you, but I’ll just leave it at this. I miss you every single second of everyday, and I always will. Marissa squared forever, just like you said M. I love you more, always.

I will never forget the day I moved into college at UCO. I knew no one and finally built up the courage to go to the dining hall. On the way there I ran into Marissa and she asked me if I’d sit with her. She made me feel welcome in a new state and continued to be a light every time we saw each other. Marissa was truly living her life with God every step of the way. I will never forget her kindness and beauty, inside and out.

God Bless her soul. She was kind in every way. She made my granddaughter feel welcomed in a new state and a new school. May God Bless her family. God will shine his light on her everyday.

Just had a talk with Marissa and her headstone is so surreal. Miss her everyday. So proud of her. She was remarkable for sure!!!

i had cheered with Marissa when i was about 8 years old. she had the kindest soul. we then lost touch when we both quit cheering. we soon rekindled our friendship when i started working at Cotten Eyed Joes during the summer of 2020. i was so excited when i got to work with her. we always had deep conversations, she even convinced me to go to UCO with her once i graduate high school. now i visit her beautiful headstone at least once a week before my early morning cheer practice. i miss her so much but i know she is watching over me.

I met marissa in 5th grade, we had class together. Her and I started working together sophomore year of high school at cotton eyed joes and through the years we became closer and loved working 4th of July shifts with each other. I always loved looking at the schedule and seeing that I got to work with her. She was an extremely hard worker. She was kind in everything she said and did. Our talks were always filled with meaning and they weren’t just “how’s your day going?”. She always knew just what to say. I think about her every single day.


Marissa, what a precious soul. She touched so many people in such a short time. Her testimony and love for the Lord will carry on for years to come. Much love to you Marissa❤️ Can’t wait to see you again ❤️❤️

We loved and we love you as you enriched our lives every week for so many years. Thank you and enjoy your time singing with Jesus. Work with our saints and enjoy. We will see you soon. Until then we will carry on always remembering our Marissa who changed the world.

Marissa has crossed my mind every day since I first heard her story last year. She has touched my life and many, many others whom she never knew. Pretty incredible. You can just tell from pictures and videos that she radiated beauty from the inside out. I pray for her friends and family often, that they will find peace and comfort knowing she is now in paradise with Jesus.