Wrong Way Driving

Marissa was killed when, after leaving the Springs Event Venue in north Edmond the drunk driver entered the Kilpatrick Turnpike on an exit ramp and accelerated to 70 mph going north in the south bound lanes. He swerved to miss a semi-truck and ended up in her lane. She tried to swerve to miss him but it was too late to avoid a horrific head-on collision.

OHP Troopers working and following Marissa's case have told us that the Oklahoma Highway Patrol stops approximately 300 wrong way drivers in the Oklahoma City metro area every year. They are not the result of elderly drivers getting confused or youthful drivers acting recklessly. Nearly every time, the driver is impaired by alcohol, drugs or both.

ODOT is currently implementing technology at 18 interstate off ramps along I-40 and I-35 to try and stop wrong way drivers, notify police immediately and warn interstate traffic of the dangers ahead. Tulsa’s 2 News has been following the progress and early success of this program. We have been honored to share Marissa’s story with them. Please see the 2 News links below.